Why do a blog? One can either write something personal, I thought, or one can continue  to write scholarly criticism, accepting the long wait for publication after intense screening and revision by peers in your field. That is all well and good. But what lies in between?  I am charting this area as I go along.  This blog is a lab of sorts. Out of a need, sometimes, to explain where I come from, I have published personal stories here. I have also used the blog to offer excerpts of essays in progress and to comment on topics related to already published scholarly work. This is the blog of a Hispanist, therefore, of someone who is committed to Hispanic topics and in particular those bearing on Spain in the early 20th century. It is also the blog of someone who is actively involved in cultural feminism.  There is inevitably some scholarship in what I do even if I do not aim for exhaustive treatment, or choose to highlight a personal question. In an old-fashioned way, I suppose, I am trying to vindicate a genre once known in English as belles lettres. Out of intellectual honesty I will always advise the reader about what I do and do not know and try to point to my sources.